Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Finished walkcycle

The walk cycle is finished to an extent, im happy with the fixes since the first version, although some errors still lingure, but overall I am happy with it.

Monday, 18 October 2010

My walk cycle: Updated

Updated version of the walk cycle, some major fixes, most notably in the arms and the sway, overlaped the swing in the arms to better match natural motion, and added a left and right sway to help add weight, some minor improvments are, a change to expression on face, and more emphasis on the hand animation, I also decided to hold the hand pose for considerably longer to help put the mood accross, I also fixed the foot problem from before, tweeked the spine rotation on the down pose's to ephasis the weight better.

 The video;

Some fixes are needed, spline editing the knees so theres a better phase in/out, theres alot of pop in the knees as it moves into the down pose, generally the remains tweeks will be spline tweeks.

My walk cycle

Walk cycle brief

Heres the first version to be submited, for the deadline;

Analysis and fixes;

No horizontal sway in the upper torso - Add in left and right sway on the contact pose.

Right foot seems to drag along the floor - Combination of increase in height and decrease in rotation in the passing pose


Despite the above issue's the walk cycle came out as expected, and is a major improvement on my animation capabilities in comparison to the previous brief. With this trend I am on target to being able to animate my entry for the 11 second club.

I will be continuing tweeks and improvementsto this piece.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Experimental Project 14/10/2010

Just a short entry on the experimental project, our initial method has been worked out, although our idea for the main body is at the drawing board, we have kind of settled on a piece of music, but for now im making origami animals, and getting a feel for the medium.