Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Update Time - This is how we MEL it.

This past week-ish I've been learning MEL scripting

I decided to write a naming script, firstly I had to outline the features and limitations of the script

i.e. what did it name
did it rename the whole object
how did it know what to call the objects

Next I identified the validation NEEDed [users are dumb and break things], the main body of validation would be in the actual naming section, the script will check for any previous naming applied. Secondary validation would be in the prefix and sufix default values applied if nothing is present in the user fields.

After I had a rough idea of what I wanted it to do I could start to piece together the different sections starting with a GUI window, [a good way to instantly feel like you've accomplished something is to make a window] and piece by piece I wrote this [with help from georg]: