Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Partical Rig

So for the post production brief, our groups project is a space invaders theme, and the way we are generating our space invaders is through geometry instancing in the partical systems, this is one of my jobs, and so as a rigger I set about setting up a partical rig and an easier way of manipulating them, its fairly simple, you manipulate the gridReference box to effect the way the particals behave in space, scale it up to make them spread out, or scale it down to condense them, for the most part it works a charm, the only issue so far is the translate aspect, as its done in world space it produces weird results when moving the main box, but this has given me an idea, sometime in the future I'll be designing a partical rigging system, a way to manage multiple partical systems in different ways. heres a video;