Friday, 13 May 2011

pRigger - procedure pRiggerCreate

Finished my first alpha procedure for the partical rigger, in short what it does when placed in the master script, is create locators, emitters and particals along with a root control for the rig, which it then parents them all up every creation cycle (cc).

emitters & particals >>>> locators >>>> rootControl >>>> pSet(group)>>>>root(group)

only one "pSet" and "rootControl" is created per cc and only one "root" is created per scene but the number of emitters attached to to a rootControl is currently unlimited.
Some minor tweaks need to the code itself, mostly renaming variables and such, formating and ive probably missed a couple of random variables that need deleting, its only an alpha code at the moment so it shouldnt matter too much, enjoy;

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